NC leader Yadav attacked after his criticism of Chinese Ambassador’s undiplomatic statement


September 6, 2023


NC leader Yadav attacked after his criticism of Chinese Ambassador’s undiplomatic statement

Joint General Secretary of Nepali Congress, Mahendra Yadav speaking at a program in Kathmandu on Wednesday.

KATHMANDU: Joint General Secretary of Nepali Congress, Mahendra Yadav, was assaulted with a khukuri on Wednesday afternoon.

This incident took place as soon as he delivered is views at a program in Kathmandu.

According to Superintendent of Police Kumod Dhungel, the spokesperson of District Police Complex in Kathmandu, the assailant was Shyam Bahadur Sapkota, who was also attending the same event.

Sapkota, a 47-year-old from Bidur Municipality-7, Nuwakot, and currently residing in Balaju, Kathmandu, identifies as a “nationalist”.

Yadav sustained injuries from the attack and is currently receiving treatment at the trauma center.

He suffered a deep injury to the back of his head.

The police have apprehended Sapkota, who carried out the attack with the khukuri.

The motive behind the attack is related to recent undiplomatic statements made by China’s Ambassador to Nepal, Chen Song, regarding Nepal-India relations, which have attracted widespread criticism.

Ambassador Song’s controversial comments on the relationship between Nepal and India, as well as Nepal’s economic situation, were made during an event held the previous Saturday in Kathmandu.

These comments were seen as a breach of diplomatic decorum.

During the program, Minister Yadav had expressed his objection to the Chinese ambassador’s statements and the omission of the “Chuche” map (revised map) of Nepal from China’s official maps, just before the attack.

Yadav also highlighted that despite China repeatedly failing to provide assistance to Nepal during the COVID-19 pandemic, India had consistently extended support whenever needed.

He called for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to seek an explanation from the Chinese ambassador.

The sudden attack on Yadav has raised suspicions, given his earlier comments regarding the Chinese ambassador’s statements.

During the program, Yadav stated, “The statements made by the Chinese ambassador to Nepal regarding Nepal-India relations have caused a stir in Nepal. This is against diplomatic norms.”

Yadav added that Nepal is a sovereign nation, and its relations and business dealings are the country’s internal affairs.

“Ambassador Song’s remarks have infringed upon Nepal’s sovereignty and disrespected the Nepali people,” he stated.

He went on to say, “While we maintain friendly relations with China, the Chinese ambassador has no authority to comment on Nepal’s relationships with other countries. His statements constitute a violation of Nepal’s sovereignty and an insult to Nepalis.”

Yadav also expressed his concerns about China’s omission of the Chuche map from its official map, despite Nepal’s parliamentary approval of it.

He emphasized that India had provided timely assistance to Nepal during difficult times, while China had not.

Yadav emphasized the special bond between Nepal and India, citing their significant trade in electricity and other areas.

Yadav insisted that the Nepal government should promptly seek clarification from Ambassador Song about his statements, emphasizing that no foreign ambassador should attempt to teach Nepal about diplomatic matters.

He stated, “We are well-versed in diplomacy and understand how to engage with China. We have made requests for projects like the Kerung-Kathmandu railway, but progress has been slow, and we have faced difficulties in repayment.”

Overall, Yadav’s statements in the program underscored the importance of diplomatic communication between nations and the need for China’s ambassador to respect Nepal’s sovereignty and its relationships with other countries.