Health Minister assures quality health services for all


February 6, 2023


Health Minister assures quality health services for all

Health Minister Padam Giri/File Photo

JHAPA: Minister for Health and Population, Padam Giri, has said the government was making efforts to ensure all citizens’ access to quality healthcare services.

In his address to a cooperative meeting in Birtamod-2, Jhapa today, the Minister said the government had prioritised the need to ensure citizens’ easy access to quality healthcare and efforts were underway for it.

“The government has a plan to incorporate all citizens in the government health insurance scheme.”

He assured of further systematizing the insurance facility. However, the Minister shared people have to wait for hours in a queue to seek treatment under the insurance scheme and are given substandard medicines.

“The situation will get an end,” he vowed. Giri further assured that the development of required infrastructure and human resources would be managed at health institutions based at local- level for the delivery of quality services.

“We will ensure advanced medical facilities in each province.” The Health Minister viewed people would judge those in the government based on the actions not assurances and speeches.