HoR members urge all to be serious about maintaining social, religious harmony


October 5, 2023


HoR members urge all to be serious about maintaining social, religious harmony

A meeting of the House of Representatives/File Photo

KATHMANDU: Members of the House of Representatives (HoR) have stressed that all sides of society should be alert not to allow disturbances in religious and communal harmony.

During the special hour of today’s HoR meeting, they mentioned that some elements not wanting peace in the society have been making efforts to spoil social harmony and the government and all should remain alert towards it.

Stressing that no one should disturb the social harmony for political benefit, lawmaker Manish Jha laid emphasis on the need to maintain mutual fraternity and reconciliation by all.

He shared that the government should be serious about the situation as hundreds of Nepali youths are compelled to go to foreign countries in search of employment daily.

Similarly, lawmaker Gyan Bahadur Shahi expressed the view that all sides including the government should be responsible for maintaining social harmony.

Sharing that the price of daily essentials has increased, he stressed that the government should pay attention to stop price hike.

Likewise, Pradeep Yadav viewed that all political parties should be united to maintain religious harmony at a time when activities to spread different types of rumor are taking place in the society.

Extending the sorrow over the losses caused by earthquake in Bajhang district, Bhanu Bhakta Joshi drew government’s attention for the treatment of the injured and rescue for the earthquake affected people.

Similarly, Abdul Khan drew government’s attention for being failure to make effective management of freed kamaiyas so far while Ram Prakash Chaudhary for the maintenance of road across the country.

Sharing that different criminal activities including corruption, gold smuggling are increasing in the country, Prem Suwal stressed that that all should play equal role to maintain social harmony.

Lawmaker Chitra Bahadur KC urged the government to pay attention in rescue and relief to Bajhang folks, drawing attention of the government to hold special discussion in the parliament about the increasing trend of brain drain of youths of the country.

Likewise, Prabhu Shah pointed out the need of amending Customs Act.