Protesting Bharati collapses in Supreme Court premises


October 4, 2023


Protesting Bharati collapses in Supreme Court premises

Bharati Manandhar/File photo.

KATHMANDU: Bharati Manandhar, who had initiated a hunger strike in protest of Yograj Dhakal, alias Regal’s, release from imprisonment, collapsed within the premises of the Supreme Court.

Bharati had visited the Supreme Court to ascertain the date for the hearing of the writ challenging the President’s decision to pardon Regal’s sentence.

Unfortunately, she collapsed while returning from the court after learning about the scheduled date. Law enforcement officers provided immediate assistance, placing her on a bench before eventually transferring her to the hospital for medical attention.

Bharati has come to Kathmandu in search of justice following Regal’s release from imprisonment. She has been actively advocating for her justice, even commencing a two-hour relay fast at Maitighar Mandala on Wednesday.