Over 250,000 health-related human resources needed in eight years: MEC


July 4, 2023


Over 250,000 health-related human resources needed in eight years: MEC

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KATHMANDU: The Medical Education Commission (MEC) has estimated that more than 250,000 human resources related to the health sector would be necessary till the fiscal year 2087/88.

MEC made this projection on the basis of a study based on the fiscal year 2077/78 BS.

A total of 358,938 human resources related to health including female health volunteers and office assistants in government and private health institutions within the period would be needed, shared the Commission. Of them, 257,091 would be doctors and health workers.

Vice-Chairperson of the Commission, Prof Dr. Sri Krishna Giri, mentioned that such a number of human resources in the health sector was estimated based on the human resource being retired and going abroad during the period as well as basic health institutions the government has been constructing.

As per the World Health Organisation, it is considered good to have a minimum of 4.45 health workers per 1,000 population.

A total of 234,361 human resources were needed in health institutions in the fiscal year 2077/78 BS, only 178,309 human resources were working during the period.

The Commission projected that 16,784 MBBS doctors, 15,435 specialist consultants (MD), and 411 nursing professionals are needed till 2088 BS.

Similarly, 3359 Nursing Assistants (Bachelor level), 88024 Nursing and Obstetrics Assistants (Certificate level), 2083 Traditional and Alternative Medicine professionals (Bachelor’s and Master’s level), and 2118 Traditional and Assistant Physicians Technical (Certificate level) will be required.

Likewise, 2688 human resources related to other health professions (Master’s level), 23 thousand 150 human resources (Bachelor’s level) in the other health-related auxiliary professions and 104 thousand and 39 human resources (Certificate level) in the other health-related auxiliary professions have to be produced till that period.

MEC stated that 57 thousand and 43 Female Community Health Volunteers and office assistants, 44 thousand and 800 cleaning staff, and drivers would be required. The Council said 245 thousand and 463 medical workforce, 54 thousand and 463 female health volunteers, and 42 thousand and 777 office assistants, sanitary staff, and drivers will be needed in 2083 BS.

According to the MEC report, 7,659 medical human resources at the Bachelor’s level, 1684 at the Master’s level and 109 at the higher than Master’s level would be produced this year.

Similarly, 12 thousand and 102 health workers would be produced in 11 medium and basic level subjects including nursing, general medicine, dental science, ayurvedic health science, physiotherapy, and pharmacy, among others.

Ten thousand one hundred and 39 health facilities, including 7,889 government hospitals, the basic hospitals the government is constructing at the local level included and 2,250 hospitals in the private sector are in operation throughout the country at present.