Muglin-Narayangadh road: Continuous occurrence of landslides remains a concern


July 2, 2023


Muglin-Narayangadh road: Continuous occurrence of landslides remains a concern

Muglin-Narayangadh section of the road/File Photo

MUGLIN: The continuous occurrence of landslides along the Muglin-Narayangadh road section remains a matter of concern during monsoon season.

Traveling on this road during the rainy season is extremely perilous, as the timing of potential landslides remains unpredictable.

The road section, which was previously disrupted by landslides, reopened on Friday evening after a 28-hour closure.

However, two-way traffic came to a halt in the road section after a landslide occurred last night at Bridge No. 3 located in Ichchakamana Rural Municipality-5 of Chitwan.

According to the Muglin area police office, preparations are being made to remove the landslide debris and resume traffic.

Police inspector of the area police office, Muglin, Bishal Tamang, said power cables have also snapped along with the landslide and hence the clearing of the landslide debris will start after the cables are managed.

Since last Thursday, the road remains blocked repeatedly due to a landslide at the same place.

Reports suggest as many as 10,000 vehicles traverse this road daily.

However, despite the road being accessible, the continuous occurrence of landslides has been obstructing vehicular movement.

Additionally, disturbing images and videos depicting motorcycles overturned by cascading stones and vehicles with shattered glass have circulated on various social media platforms.

A video capturing individuals frantically fleeing from their vehicles amid a barrage of falling stones surfaced on Saturday.

This road section has endured a recurrent pattern of annual blockages stemming from landslides, making such incidents commonplace during rainfall.

It may be recalled that the World Bank’s technical team had previously highlighted the vulnerability of the area above Maurikhola to landslides.

Based on their assessment, there exists a potential for a substantial landslide of approximately 25,000 cubic meters to transpire at that location.

According to experts, the road’s capacity can handle only up to 18,000 cubic meters of debris.