NEPSE increases by 17.24 points amid ups and downs, turnover above 4 billion


January 1, 2023


NEPSE increases by 17.24 points amid ups and downs, turnover above 4 billion

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KATHMANDU: The stock market index, Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE), which has seen sharp fluctuations throughout the trading period, has closed with a double-digit increase on Sunday.

On the first trading day of the week, the NEPSE increased by 17.24 points (0.85 percent) and closed at 2046.26 points.

Due to sharp fluctuations in NEPSE, the transaction amount has also increased. With the formation of the new government, the trading amount also exceeded 4 billion when the investors booked profits in the market which increased during the initial period last week and Sunday.

The NEPSE, which reached its highest point in four months last Thursday, increased by 54 points to reach 2083.19 points on Sunday’s ‘intra-day’ transactions.

The NEPSE, which was at 1867.21 points on December 22, had increased by about 216 points when it reached the high point of ‘ last week and the ‘intra-day Sunday. After the high growth in NEPSE in a short period of time, investors tried to book profits. The stock market, which increased by more than 54 points on Sunday, finally closed with an increase of 17 points due to correction.

Sunday witnessed a remarkable rice in the transaction amount as well. The shares worth Rs 4.488 million were traded in the stock market on Sunday.

Although the NEPSE increased by double digits, the financial companies and development bank sub-indices declined. While the life insurance sub-index increased by 2.99 percent, the development bank sub-index decreased by 0.04 percent and the finance company sub-index decreased by 0.20 percent.

On Sunday, Nabil Bank had a turnover of 232 million 57 lakh 49 thousand while the turnover was above 4 billion. Similarly, the turnover of Nepal Telecommunication Company was 198.88 million 1 thousand and Himalayan Distillery was 158 million 31 thousand.

Out of a total of 212 companies’ shares traded in NEPSE on Sunday, the share prices of 121 companies increased. Similarly, while the share price of 87 companies decreased, the share price of 4 companies remained stable.

Among the transactions on Sunday, the share price of Shreejansheel Lagufitta increased by 10 percent, while the share price of Khaptad and Dhaulagiri Lagufitta increased by 9.99 percent and closed at the positive circuit price. Similarly, the share price of Azod Insurance and Prabhu Life Insurance increased by 9.98 percent and closed at positive circuit prices.

On the other hand, while the share price of NAN Infrastructure and Development Limited fell by 3.84 percent, the share price of Mithila Laguvitta fell by 3.84 percent and the share price of River Falls Power fell by 3.65 percent.

Likewise, the unit value of Siddharth Equity Fund has decreased by 5.57 percent and the value of Nepal Bank Ventures with an interest rate of 8 percent has decreased by 3.92 percent.