Hamro Patro launches an E-learning platform.


June 30, 2022


Hamro Patro launches an E-learning platform.

Shankar Uprety, Founder & CEO of Hamro Patro (L) and Hitesh Karki, Chairman of Deerwalk Educational Group sign the agreement.

KATHMANDU: Nepal’s most popular app Hamro Patro launches its new product, “Hamro Learning Center.”

Hamro Patro collaborated with Derwalk Sifal School to bring educational video lectures to Nepali students.

Many Nepali students lack quality education due to limited resources, including textbooks, and lack of proper guidance. Hamro learning center will try to bridge the gap between students and quality education, a statement issued by Hamro Patro said.

Technology is going to play a bridging role in solving this problem. Shankar Uprety, Founder & CEO of Hamro Patro, said – “Hamro Learning Center will play a vital role in making positive changes in Nepal’s education and make it accessible to all the students.”

Hitesh Karki, Chairman of Deerwalk Educational Group, said, “We are delighted to partner with Hamropatro to share our flipped classes. Our recorded classes are already hugely popular amongst students all over Nepal but still face issues of limited reach.”

Further, he added, “We have always been looking for ways by which we can reach an even larger student base, and Hamropatro in this context is a perfect medium.”

Hamro Learning Center is open to all institutions that want to provide video lectures and e-learning courses. During the pilot phase, Deerwalk Sifal School has added more than 2200 video lectures spanning grade 4 to grade 11. All these courses are free to students and other schools.

Users can use Hamro Learning Center by downloading the Hamro Patro app here (android) or here (iOS). Users can also visit https://learn.hamropatro.com to access all the courses.

Hamro Patro has been connecting Nepali communities across the globe. Starting as a simple Nepali calendar in 2010, Hamro Patro now provides more than thirty services, including news, radio, astrology consult, digital health, and remittances.

Founded in 2016, Deerwalk Sifal School is determined to help students grow as good global citizens with solid language, math, and academic science skills. Deerwalk Sifal School is committed to getting the best out of every student and helping each find their strength.