Number of candidates filing nomination for local polls crosses 141,000


April 26, 2022


Number of candidates filing nomination for local polls crosses 141,000

Building of the Election Commission at Kantipath, Kathmandu. (File photo)

KATHMANDU. The number of candidates registering nominations for various posts in the local level elections has crossed 141,000.

According to the data updated by the Election Commission (EC) as of 10:30 am, the number of those who have registered their nominations for various posts across the country has reached 141,468.

There are 3,318 candidates for mayor of metropolis, sub-metropolis and municipalities and 2,036 have applied for the post of deputy mayors.

There are 3,306 candidates for the post of chairmen of rural municipalities and 2,343 for the post of vice-chairmen.

Similarly, 33,111 candidates have filed nominations for ward chairpersons, 24,283 for women members, 21,979 for Dalit women members while the highest number 51,092 have registered their nominations for the post of members.

The number is likely to go up as the entry of the candidates is still going on.

In the May 13 local level elections, a total of 35,221 representatives will be elected. In the local polls held in 2074 BS, as many as 151,190 candidates had filed their candidacies.

According to the election calendar, complaints are being lodged today (Tuesday), if any, against the candidates who have filed candidacies.

Similarly, on April 27 and 28, the Commission will examine nomination papers and look into the complaints lodged and publish the name list of the candidacies on Thursday.

On April 29, the candidates will withdraw their candidacies and the final list of the candidates will be published.

The Commission will provide election symbols to candidates on April 30, according to the schedule.