NITDB instructs Chinese side to expedite construction of Rasuwa-Timure dry port


March 22, 2022


NITDB instructs Chinese side to expedite construction of Rasuwa-Timure dry port

The construction site of Rasuwa-Timure dry port. (File photo)

KATHMANDU: Nepal Intermodal Transport Development Board (NITDB) has directed the Chinese side to expedite the construction work of Rasuwa-Timure dry port.

The dry port is being constructed as a gift by the Chinese government with an investment of Rs 2.2 billion.

NITDB Executive Director Ashish Gajurel instructed to speed up the construction project following a recent inspection visit of the dry port. He added that the trade project failed to make progress as expected.

The board had signed an agreement with Tibet Fuli Construction Group Company Limited to build the dry port at Timure in Rasuwa on May 12, 2019. The dry port along the trade route with China is expected to boost trade between Nepal and its northern neighbor. As per the agreement, the Chinese company was to complete the facility in 30 months.

Gajurel said the project had made mere 28 percent progress. “We have asked to clarify what was the problem in moving the project forward and what kind of facilitation is required from the government,” he added.

The dry port is to be equipped with a warehouse, parking lot, customs building, post office and quarantine facility upon completion and will accommodate 350 container trucks.

The construction work of the project has stalled due to various problems, including COVID-19 induced conditions in 2020.

The Board has asked the Chinese side to speedy the construction by increasing the number of workers.

Gajurel lamented that work was not moving forward as expected though 55 workers were laboring at site on a daily basis. He added that the Chinese side also seemed serious about speeding up the construction process.