NEPSE goes bullish on first transaction day of Magh


January 16, 2022


NEPSE goes bullish on first transaction day of Magh

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KATHMANDU: On the first transaction day of the month of Magh, NEPSE has gone excitingly green on Sunday. Along with the NEPSE indicator, there there has been a high increase in the transaction amount.

According to the Nepal Stock Exchange, today (Sunday) the share trading gauge NEPSE index has increased by 69 points and reached 2926.74 points. It has increased by 2.41 percent. The Sensitive Index also rose by 11.81 points to reach 542.63 points.

NEPSE record revealed that a total of 182,054,425 shares of 229 companies were traded at a turnover of Rs 9.67 billion today.

Shares of all 13 subgroups traded higher Sunday. The largest production and processing subgroup grew by 5.62 percent.

Arun Valley Hydropower Development Company Limited had the highest turnover on Sunday. The company had a turnover of Rs 32.46 million.

Similarly, the share price of Standard Chartered Bank Limited has started a positive circuit. The bank’s share price has risen 10 percent to Rs 550.

On this day, the price of Global IME Bank Debenture (GBILD) 2080/81 has declined the most. The value of the debentures fell by 3.59 per cent to Rs 993.