NEPSE rises by 47.44 points Wednesday


September 14, 2022


NEPSE rises by 47.44 points Wednesday

KATHMANDU: Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) increased by 47.44 points to close at 1981.48 points on Wednesday, the fourth trading day of the week.

The stock market, which witness a fall for six days in a row since last week and reached close to the point of 1900, rose by 2.45 percent today.

Along with NEPSE, there was an increase in all the sub-indices, while the financial companies and business sub-indices increased by about 6 percent. The transaction amount, which fell below Rs 1 billion for three days in a row, increased to Rs 1.45 billion. There had been the transactions of 4,618,516 shares on Wednesday.

While Nabil Bank had the highest turnover of Rs 65.1 million, Gorkhaj Finance had a turnover of 45.7 million today.

In the market in which the shares of a total of 189 companies were traded, 184 companies witnessed a rise.

The share price of only 5 companies has decreased. While the share price of Green Development Bank increased by 10 percent and closed at the positive circuit level, the share price of Liberty Energy Company increased by 8.32 percent and the share price of United Modi Hydropower increased by 7.81 percent.