Political parties in Kaski breach Election Code of Conduct


November 9, 2022


Political parties in Kaski breach Election Code of Conduct

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POKHARA: Political parties and elections candidates in Kaski are found not abiding by violating the Election Code of Conduct.

During the Province Election Office, Pokhara’s monitoring carried out in view of the elections to the Member of the House of Representatives (HoR) and Province Assembly, political parties and the candidates in the district were noticed not be serious towards the implementation of the Code of Conduct, according to Province Election Officer, Humnath Parajuli.  The district comprises three constituencies for the federal elections.

Political parties and candidates were found not taking permission from the respective election officer’s office to use vehicles for the election publicity, placing banners, flex boards and election symbol stickers on vehicles and using a sound system during the publicity campaign. They also do not follow the rules for avoiding the display of election publicity materials in public places.

As Parajuli said, parties and candidates not complying with the code of conduct have been already warned of their moves through direct meetings and on the telephone. They have been asked not to repeat the mistake.  As the EC said, the violation of the Election Code of Conduct is punishable as per the Election Commission Act-2073 BS and the Election Act-2073 BS.

In Kaski, various political parties and independent candidates are competing in the HoR elections from three constituencies and the PA elections from six constituencies.