Relief assistance to Musahar people affected by COVID-19 crisis


June 23, 2021


Relief assistance to Musahar people affected by COVID-19 crisis

Musahar Settlement. (File Photo)

MAHOTTARI: A total of 43 Musahar families who have been left without work since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, have been provided relief assistance.

The people who represent the impoverished community in the southern plain were struggling to survive with being forced out of work due to the pandemic.

A group of 80 Nepali youths (migrant workers) in Saudi Arabia sends Rs 200 thousand to the Mahottari Tiger Society Service Team, Gaushala, and the amount was used to purchase foodstuff and essential sanitation items for the 43 poor Mushahar families. The beneficiaries are from Malhaniyapokhari of Gaushala municipality-4 in the district.

The relief package includes 15 kilos of rice, two kilos of pulse, five kilos of potatoes, one liter of cooking oil, one kilo of salt, two kilos of beaten rice, five cakes of Dettol soap, and so on.

Indra Sada Musahar, one of the beneficiaries, says the assistance has brought a smile on their faces when they are unable to manage a two square meal on own.

The community people say they are really grateful to those generous hearts who could feel their pains from abroad and lend helping hands in the hard times.