Revenue collection exceeds target in Nawalpur


December 9, 2021


Revenue collection exceeds target in Nawalpur

Office Building of Department of Revenue Investigation.

NAWALPUR: The Inland Revenue Office Kawaswoti has collected revenue over Rs 2 billion than its target in the first four months of the current fiscal year 2078/79.

Public Information Officer at the Office and tax officer Amrit Adhikari shared that the Inland Revenue Office has exceeded its revenue collection target by around Rs 1.95 billion in the first semester of the running fiscal year.

Against the revenue collection target of Rs 5.81 billion within the timeline of mid-November 2021, the office had generated Rs 7.76 billion in the period, Information Officer Adhiakri added. With this, the revenue collection against the target is 133.52 percent, he shared.

The office had collected highest amount of revenue under the heading of excise duty. The tax collected in the form of excise duty during the reporting period was Rs 7.48 billion while the target was Rs 5.56 billion.